Introducing the FitoSmart Platform

The FitoSmart 365 is a high-efficacy, variable-spectrum top light. You can fine-tune lighting recipes according to crop type, cultivar and growth stage as well.

The fixtures form a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless mesh network that spans across the greenhouse.

Supervisor interface is available via mobile devices.

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Benefit from variable spectrum

Variable light quality is flexibility in the first place. For example, a hydroponic lettuce requires different light to grow quickly than to get crisp, which are both different from a late-stage lighting that lowers nitrate levels.

Our LEDs mix well with HPS installations. During the darkest months, our fixtures compensate the yellowish spectrum of HPS fixtures. As the natural light availability increase, you can decrease the usage of the HPS lamps, and the FitoSmart fixtures will take over fully. Such installations result a lower investment cost while still being economical to operate.

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Experts in lighting

To enhance yield and quality, the FitoSmart fixtures provide different quantity and quality light to plants, depending on crop type, cultivar and growth stage. This knowledge, called lighting recipes, is supported by a platform, connecting the fixtures and optional sensors to expert's knowledge.

The light output is controlled automatically to keep intensities always within your plant's optimum levels.

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Increase your yield

Extra light improves both on yield and product quality. While the quality aspect is subjective, there are many models to predict quantity.

Do you want to know what impact supplemental lighting has in you case? We have a free calculator that estimates it.

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