The LED benefits

Our variable spectrum LED lightsources offer lower radiated heat, lower operating costs and a higher set of features than traditional HPS fixtures. The provided light recipes are customizable, depending on your needs: boost growth, time flowering or control nutrient levels.

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The low radiated heat and affordable pricing makes the FitoSmart 350 top lighting is the perfect choice for any leafy greens.

Utilizing the state-of-the-art knowledge in lighting, we can optimize for biomass, taste, leaf structure. Special, hydroculture-optimized lighting recipes can boost crispiness and decrease phosphate and nitrate levels.


There is no shortage of university research regarding early-stage lighting. The genenic rule-of-thumb is the richer the light in blue, the more compact the seedlings get.

I's not just about being compact. The proper lighing recipe results in thicker leaves, wider stems and larger stomatas. It's a great fundation for future success.

We build special lamps for mixed LED-HPS installations. You can have the flexibility of LEDs, while your installation costs are kept lower.


LED makes much easier to manage heat levels. Lower amount of heat means more buds, higher uniformity and nice-looking, healthy plants.

Our LEDs makes much easier to time flowering and growth cycle. The changing spectrum can prevent or induce flowering, regarless if you do short-day or long-day plants. The FitoSense sensor platform measures temperature, light and CO2 levels, giving you all the tools for repeatable results, regardless of seasons.

Fruiting Crops

Riping fruits is the most energy-intensive operation a plant does. The competition from southern growers renders the winter-time cultivation financially challenging. Your only option is to use the best piece of technology available. This technology today are LEDs.

We manufacture a special version of the FitoSmart fixture for high-wire, in which we exchanged smartness for special optics and higher efficacy at around the same price. Contact us for further details.

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