Lighting is our Expertise

Did you know that light uniformity means different for us humans than for plants? Our perception of intensity is based on complex neurophysiological process, aiding us to identify threats and opportunities both in the shade and in direct sunlight. As a result, what appears to be a small intensity difference can be actually off by magnitudes. Plants, on the other hand, respond to light intensity approximately linearly.

We're going to examine your case thoroughly, understand your needs, and equip you with all the knowledge and calculations that supports you in this investment decision.

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Understand Your Needs First

To learn the required light intensities, the first step is always to learn about you. There are some trivial parameters, like your crops, your location, your greenhouse age and its materials. However, the optimal lighting setup depends on your market as well: which are your most valuable products and when can you grow them.

We're going to provide documentation and calculations what extra light can change in your yield.


Discuss Potential Solutions

The fact that we manufacture LEDs doesn't necessary mean we can sell the best solution for your use-case. There are competing technologies that might propose better bang for your buck. We use the best of our knowledge to navigate you in the challenging environment of horticultural lighting.


Lighting Design & Layout Plan

Before commiting to a particular setup, we run lighting simulations and plan the placement of the lightsources.

Each kind of light source has its characteristics, and reaching homogeneous intensities at the desired height levels can be very challenging. This is especially true if we mix different type of lights - typically LEDs with HPS fixtures, or if the hanging height is low.

We offer the FitoSmart fixtures with different characteristics, depending on the designated environment. In practice, it means special optics or slightly different available spectrum.


Measurements and Data

Whatever lights you install, we can support you with continuous monitoring and consulting. Our FitoSense sensor product line measures many aspects of growing, and helps you identify what works and what doesn't.

Through our FitoCloud portal you can double-check temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, correlate it to in-situ experiences, and set up automated alert on action items. We can alert you via sms, phone call or on e-mail.

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